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Sadequl Hussain

Founder and CEO of Professional Data Skills

Sadequl Hussain is an information technologist, trainer, and digital marketer with more than 25 years of experience. He has worked on a multitude of technologies and subject areas including software development, databases, big data analytics, system administration, DevOps, cloud engineering, cybersecurity, and solution architecture. His IT experience spans a few different industries including real estate, retail, telecom, finance, public service, and consulting. Sadequl is the founder and CEO of Professional Data Skills, a digital content marketing agency specializing in IT content creation.

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Sadequl Hussain

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How to Deduplicate Events in Snowflake with dbt

This article will demonstrate how to deduplicate events in Snowflake using dbt

Abstract Databases


How to set up development and production environments in Snowflake

If you use Snowflake to managing your data warehouse, you can set up either a single account or multiple accounts for your development.

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