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About Propel's GraphQL API

Propel's GraphQL API provides the building blocks to build customer-facing analytics. The API is the primary way to query Metrics to power customer dashboards, in-product metrics, or data-driven workflows. It also offers the ability to manage account resources such as Applications, Data Sources, Data Pools, and Metrics.

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Explore the API

Explore the API and make real queries from your browser. The GraphQL Explorer is an integrated development environment that includes docs, syntax highlighting, and validation errors.

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Learn how to authenticate GraphQL requests to the Propel API. This guide provides step-by-step instructions with code examples and animated screen captures that walk you through the process.

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Learn how to define and query Metrics to build time series, counters, and leaderboards visualizations in you application.

Why GraphQL?

Propel uses GraphQL because it gives developers more flexibility than REST APIs when fetching data. In particular, it offers the following benefits when building modern data applications:

  • Only fetch the data you need: GraphQL lets developers only fetch the data they need on each query. It avoids the overhead of returning entire objects when not all data is needed.
  • Multiple queries per request: GraphQL lets developers make multiple queries in a single request, reducing the number of round trips to the server.
  • Strongly typed: GraphQL is a strongly typed language, which means that you can use type-safe clients to ensure that your code is valid and therefore easier to develop and maintain.

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