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Febrary 2024 new features, fixes, and improvements

New features

Kafka Data Pool

The new Kafka Data Pool lets you ingest real-time streaming data into Propel. It provides an easy way to power real-time dashboards, streaming analytics, and workflows with a low-latency data API on top of your Kafka topics.

The architectural overview when connecting Kafka to Propel.

Learn more about the Kafka Data Pool.

🆓 New Generous Free Tier

We are introducing a new, generous free tier! It includes up to $15 of usage per month, and the best part is, it does not expire.

Propel Free Tier

Sign up and get started today.

䷰ Schema evolution: Add a column to Data Pool operation

We are introducing Schema Evolution for Data Pools with the ability to add new columns to your Data Pools. Now, you can add new columns to your Data Pools, allowing you to evolve your data schema as your needs grow and change.

Propel Schema Evolution

Learn more about the Add column to Data Pool operation.

🚚 Batch delete and update operation

The new batch delete operation helps you stay GDPR compliant by providing a straightforward way to permanently delete data from a Data Pool. Meanwhile, the batch update operation helps maintain data integrity and facilitates data backfilling in the event of schema changes. Both operations can be done via the Console or API.

Propel batch delete

Learn more about batch updates and deletes.

🪵 React UI Kit logging controls

The Propel UI Kit now features logging capabilities for faster development and clean logging in production. By default, all errors are logged to the browser's console. This behavior can be customized using the LogProvider component. The LogProvider uses React's context mechanism to propagate log settings to nested components, allowing for specific component logging. Available log levels include "error", "warn", "info", or "debug".

Propel UI Kit Logging

Learn more about the React UI Kit’s logging controls.

Fivetran preview

The Fivetran destination lets you synchronize data from over 400 sources to Propel's Serverless ClickHouse infrastructure.

Propel Fivetran

Learn more about our Fivetran destination.

Bring your own ClickHouse preview

The ClickHouse Data Pool reads through to your self-hosted ClickHouse or ClickHouse Cloud rather than syncing data to Propel.

ClickHouse with Propel Architecture

Learn more about the ClickHouse “read-through” Data Pool.


  • Fix timezone argument on toStartOfWeek, toStartOfMonth, and toStartOfYear SQL functions.
  • Fixed login loop for accounts with Okta integration.
  • Fixed environments dropdown in Console in the new Data Pool page.
  • Fixed the Preview Data section of the Console where customers can now change time range and page size when the query results in a time out or an error.


  • Add support for timestamps without timezones
  • Support NOW() and CURRENT_DATE functions in SQL.
  • Support INTERVAL in SQL.
  • An alternative timestamp can be supplied to TimeRangeInput when querying.
  • Customers can view TableSettings (enginepartitionByprimaryKey, and orderBy) for their Data Pools via the API.
  • Allow creating Data Pools (including Webhook Data Pools) without timestamp via the API.
  • Allow setting TableSettings (enginepartitionByprimaryKey, and orderBy) when creating a Data Pool via the API.
  • In the Console, customers can have a different environment in multiple tabs without losing the last selected state.
  • In the Console, Customers will see the processedRecords instead of newRecords in the Processed Records column for the Syncs table.
  • Customers can now change the sort and timestamp column in the Console in the Preview Data tab.