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March 2024 new features, fixes, and improvements

New features

⚡️ 10x faster ingestion for the Webhook Data Pool

The Webhook Data Pool now ingests events 10x faster. We have optimized ingestion so that data is available within single digit seconds.

Learn more about the Webhook Data Pool.

Propel's Webhook latency demo.

🛝 SQL Playground

With Propel’s new SQL Playground, you can now execute SQL queries directly from the Console. It provides you with an easy way to explore your data when building applications.

Key Features:

  • Code examples – easily integrate queries into your code. Get code examples for querying data using SQL via the API, cURL, and JavaScript.
  • "Query as" selector – simulate querying as your app. Different apps have unique data query permissions set through Access Policies. The Playground allows you to test queries as a specific app.
  • "Propeller" selector – experiment with query speeds. Test different query speeds to optimize performance and cost for your data application.

Log in to the Console and click "Playground", then select "API: SQL".

Propel's SQL Playground

✈️ Airbyte destination

The Airbyte destination lets you synchronize data from over 350+ sources to Propel's Serverless ClickHouse infrastructure. It provides an easy way to power your customer-facing analytics and data applications with data from any SaaS application, database, or platform supported by Airbyte.

Learn more about the Airbyte destination.

Propel's Airbyte destination


  • Customers will be able to change the URL in their ClickHouse credentials on creation flow in the Console.
  • Customers will not see stale data when modifying credentials for ClickHouse and Kafka in the Console.
  • Signed in customers will be redirected from /login to dashboard.
  • In the GraphQL Playground, customers will be able to clear the variables input and run queries with no variables.
  • Fixed a bug when parsing table names that contain aliases in SQL.
  • Fixed a bug where table aliases where being lowercased in SQL.


  • By setting the disable_partial_success=true query parameter, you can ensure that, if any individual event in a batch of events fails validation, the entire request will fail. For example:
  • Added SUBSTRING function to SQL.
  • Added support for extracting parts from a timestamp in SQL.
  • Raised SQL response size limit to 2 MB.
  • The PostgreSQL interface now supports extended queries.