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May 2024 new features, fixes, and improvements

New Features

Expanded SQL function support

We have significantly expanded our SQL function support, extending it to a broad range of functions for PostgreSQL and ClickHouse SQL dialects, as well as unique Propel functions. This improvement offers developers greater flexibility and control when querying, transforming, and managing data.

Learn more about Propel SQL function support.

A screenshot of Propel's SQL function documentation

New Console Navigation

We’ve rolled out an updated Console navigation. The new menu structure and design organizes the Console into two primary sections: “Data” and “API”. The “Data” section houses all Serverless ClickHouse-related functionalities, and “API” contains all API-related functionalities.

Log in to the Console to see the new navigation.

A screenshot of Propel's new Console navigation

GraphQL Schema Explorer

We introduced a GraphQL Schema Explorer in the Console. Developers can now actively search through the Propel API GraphQL schema, access API endpoints with ease, and directly download the schema from a provided URL.

Check out the new GraphQL Schema Explorer in the Console.

A screenshot of Propel's GraphQL Schema Explorer



  • We resolved an issue with the S3 Data Pool that caused a persistent “CONNECTING” state when customers used an “s3://” or “https://” prefix in the URL for their table path, rather than a relative path within the bucket. Now, if the provided “s3://” or “https://” URL points to the named bucket, the URL’s path is used as the relative path into the bucket. Invalid table paths provided by the customer will now be synchronously rejected.


  • We fixed the SQL Console to respect the Propeller selection.
  • We fixed the GraphQL Playground to respect the Propeller selection.
  • When creating a Data Pool, we fixed the case when a timestamp is not selected.
  • In the API Playground, we fixed leaderboard dimensions clearing for ClickHouse Data Pools.
  • In the API Playground, we fixed the leaderboard table view width and height.
  • In the API Playground, we fixed the time dimension not pre-populating.
  • In the SQL Console, we fixed result cell wrapping.
  • Data Pools created by Materialized Views now see the "Operations" tab.



  • The SQL interface now properly handles identifier quoting.
  • We now support CASE statements in SQL.



  • The API Playground will now populate filter values using the Top Values API.
  • The API Playground now includes an “All time” option for the relative time range.
  • The API Playground has a new layout for TimeSeries, Counter, and Leaderboard APIs.
  • The API Playground now supports setting a “Time Dimension” that is different from the Data Pool’s default timestamp.
  • The API Playground will now show the Data Pool selection first.
  • The API Playground will now only show the “Existing Metrics” for the selected Data Pool.
  • The SQL Console has a new improved layout.
  • The SQL Console has new improved SQL syntax validation.
  • The SQL Console will now show long result values in a tooltip when they are trimmed.
  • The Data Pool list page will not break if the sync activity query fails.
  • When creating and updating Amazon S3 credentials, the path and bucket will be trimmed to prevent white spaces from being accidentally entered.

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