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Welcome to the Propel docs

Propel is a Serverless ClickHouse platform with out-of-the-box Data APIs and Embeddable UI Components.

It provides developers with:

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Architecture overview

Propel connects to your data sources, ingests data to its Serverless ClickHouse Data Pools, transforms and aggregates the data, and then serves it securely via SQL and a GraphQL API, all in real-time.

Propel architecture

Propel has the following attributes:

  • Fast: Get sub-second query latencies at any scale, even with billions of records.
  • Convenient: Sync data with no ETL or data engineering required.
  • Flexible: APIs and embeddable UI components to build a broad set of use cases.
  • Fully managed: Get started, develop, and scale with ease. We run and scale for you.
  • Secure and compliant: SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA compliant.
  • Usage-based pricing: Pay for what you use, nothing more.

Use cases

Propel is useful for a broad set of customer-facing analytics use cases. The following are some of the most common:

  • Customer dashboards and reports: Build insights as part of your product experience.
  • Data APIs: Expose and share your analytics data via self-service APIs.
  • Usage metering: Measure, report, and alert on product usage.
  • LLM analytics: Track token usage, latency, and feedback of LLM applications.

Get started

Try Propel for free to get a production-ready analytics backend service up and running in minutes.