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  • connectionSettings required WebhookConnectionSettingsInput

    The Webhook Data Source's connection settings

    The Webhook Data Source connection settings.

    • connectionSettings.basicAuth optional HttpBasicAuthInput

      The HTTP basic authentication settings for the Webhook Data Source URL. If this parameter is not provided, anyone with the webhook URL will be able to send events. While it's OK to test without HTTP Basic authentication, we recommend enabling it.

    • connectionSettings.columns optional array of WebhookDataSourceColumnInput

      The additional columns for the Webhook Data Source table.

    • connectionSettings.tenant optional String

      The tenant ID column, if configured.

    • connectionSettings.timestamp required String

      The primary timestamp column.

    • connectionSettings.uniqueId optional String

      The unique ID column. Propel uses the primary timestamp and a unique ID to compose a primary key for determining whether records should be inserted, deleted, or updated.

  • description optional String

    The Webhook Data Source's description.

  • uniqueName optional String

    The Webhook Data Source's unique name. If not specified, Propel will set the ID as unique name.