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  • id optional ID

    The ID of a pre-configured Metric.

  • name optional String

    The name of a pre-configured Metric.

  • custom optional CustomMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Custom Metric.

    • custom.dataPool required DataPoolInput

      The Data Pool to which this Metric belongs.

    • custom.expression required String

      Custom expression for defining the Metric.

  • count optional CountMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Count Metric.

  • sum optional SumMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Sum Metric.

  • average optional AverageMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Average Metric.

  • min optional MinMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Min Metric.

  • max optional MaxMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Max Metric.

  • countDistinct optional CountDistinctMetricQueryInput

    An ad hoc Count Distinct Metric.