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The fields for modifying a Data Pool.


  • idOrUniqueName required idOrUniqueName

    The ID or unique name of the Data Pool to modify.

    The ID or unique name input.

    If both ID and unique name are provided, the ID will take precedence.

  • uniqueName optional String

    The Data Pool's new unique name.

  • description optional String

    The Data Pool's new description.

  • dataRetentionInDays optional Int

    The Data Pool's new data retention in days.

  • syncing optional DataPoolSyncingInput

    The Data Pool's new syncing settings.

    The fields for modifying the Data Pool syncing.

    • syncing.interval required DataPoolSyncInterval

      The available Data Pool sync intervals. Specify unit of time between attempts to sync data from your data warehouse.

      Note that the syncing interval is approximate. For example, setting the syncing interval to EVERY_1_HOUR does not mean that syncing will occur exactly on the hour. Instead, the syncing interval starts relative to when the Data Pool goes LIVE, and Propel will attempt to sync approximately every hour. Additionally, if you pause or resume syncing, this too can shift the syncing interval around.

      • EVERY_1_MINUTE


      • EVERY_15_MINUTES

      • EVERY_30_MINUTES

      • EVERY_1_HOUR

      • EVERY_4_HOURS

      • EVERY_12_HOURS

      • EVERY_24_HOURS

  • accessControlEnabled optional Boolean

    Enables or disables access control for the Data Pool.

    If the Data Pool has access control enabled, Applications must be assigned Data Pool Access Policies in order to query the Data Pool and its Metrics.