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This mutation creates a new Booster for the given Metric and returns the newly created Booster.

A Booster significantly improves the query performance for a Metric.


  • input required CreateBoosterInput

    The fields for creating a new Booster.

    Boosters can be understood as an aggregating index. The index is formed from left to right as follows:

    1. The Data Pool's Tenant ID column (if present)
    2. Metric Filter columns (if present)
    3. Query Filter Dimensions (see dimensions)
    4. The Data Pool's timestamp column
    • input.metric required ID

      The Booster's Metric.

    • input.dimensions required array of DimensionInput

      Dimensions to include in the Booster.

      Follow these guidelines when specifying Dimensions:

      1. Specify Dimensions in descending order of importance for filtering and in ascending order of cardinality.
      2. Take into consideration hierarchical relationships as well (for example, a "country" Dimension should appear before a "state" Dimension).


Nullable BoosterResponse

The result of a mutation which creates or modifies a Booster.