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This mutation creates a new Data Pool from the given Data Source based on the specified table and using a particular column as the timestamp.

The mutation returns the newly created Data Pool (or an error message if creating the Data Pool fails).

A Data Pool is a cached table hydrated from your data warehouse optimized for high-concurrency and low-latency queries.


  • input required CreateDataPoolInputV2

    Fields for creating a Data Pool.

    • input.dataSource required ID

      The Data Source that will be used to create the Data Pool.

    • input.table required String

      The table that the Data Pool will sync from.

    • input.timestamp required TimestampInput

      The table's primary timestamp column.

    • input.uniqueName optional String

      The Data Pool's unique name. If not specified, Propel will set the ID as the unique name.

    • input.description optional String

      The Data Pool's description.

    • input.columns required array of DataPoolColumnInput

      The list of columns.

    • input.tenant optional TenantInput

      An optional Data Pool Tenant ID. When specified, the Metrics powered by the Data Pool will be able to use TENANT_ACCESS Policies designed for multi-tenant use cases.

    • input.cursor optional CursorInput

      The table's cursor column. The column to track whether a record should be synced. An example of a cursor would be a timestamp column like updated_at.

    • input.syncing optional DataPoolSyncingInput

      The Data Pool's syncing settings.


Nullable DataPoolResponse

The result of a mutation which creates or modifies a Data Pool.