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This mutation is used to introspect the tables in the given Data Source, specified either by its ID or unique name.

The mutation returns the tables along with when they were last cached from the Data Source.

A Data Source is a connection to your data warehouse. It has the necessary connection details for Propel to access Snowflake or any other supported Data Source.


  • input required idOrUniqueName

    The ID or unique name input.

    If both ID and unique name are provided, the ID will take precedence.

    • optional String

      The unique identifier of the object.

    • input.uniqueName optional String

      The unique name of the object.


Nullable TableIntrospection

The table introspection object.

When setting up a Data Source, Propel may need to introspect tables in order to determine what tables and columns are available to create Data Pools from. The table introspection represents the lifecycle of this operation (whether it's in-progress, succeeded, or failed) and the resulting tables and columns. These will be captured as table and column objects, respectively.

  • introspectTables.dataSource non-null DataSource

    The Data Source the table introspection was performed for.

  • introspectTables.status non-null TableIntrospectionStatus

    The status of the table introspection.

    The status of a table introspection.


      The table introspection has not started.


      The table introspection has started.


      The table introspection succeeded.

    • FAILED

      The table introspection failed.

  • introspectTables.createdAt non-null DateTime

    The table introspection's creation date and time in UTC.

  • introspectTables.createdBy non-null String

    The table introspection's creator. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was created by Propel.

  • introspectTables.modifiedAt non-null DateTime

    The table introspection's last modification date and time in UTC.

  • introspectTables.modifiedBy non-null String

    The table introspection's last modifier. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was modified by Propel.

  • introspectTables.numTables nullable Int

    The number of tables introspected.

  • introspectTables.tables nullable TableConnection

    The tables introspected.