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Modifies a Metric by ID with the provided unique name, description, and Dimensions. If any of the optional arguments are omitted, those properties will be unchanged on the Metric.


  • input optional ModifyMetricInput

    The fields for modifying a Metric.

    • input.metric required ID

      The ID of the Metric to modify.

    • input.uniqueName optional String

      The Metric's new unique name.

    • input.description optional String

      The Metric's new description.

    • input.dimensions optional array of DimensionInput

      The Metric's new Dimensions. Used to add or remove Dimensions.

    • input.filters optional array of FilterInput

      The Metric's new Filters. Used to add or remove Metric Filters.

    • input.accessControlEnabled optional Boolean

      Enables or disables access control for the Metric.


Nullable MetricResponse

The result of a mutation which creates or modifies a Metric.