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This mutation selects a Metric by its ID and modifies it to have the given unique name, description, and Dimensions.

If any of the optional arguments are omitted, those properties will be unchanged on the Metric.

A Metric is a business indicator measured over time.


  • input optional ModifyMetricInput

    The fields for modifying a Metric.

    • input.metric required ID

      The ID of the Metric to modify.

    • input.uniqueName optional String

      The Metric's new unique name.

    • input.description optional String

      The Metric's new description.

    • input.dimensions optional array of DimensionInput

      The Metric's new Dimensions. Used to add or remove Dimensions.

    • input.filters optional array of FilterInput

      The Metric's new Filters. Used to add or remove Metric Filters.

    • input.accessControlEnabled optional Boolean

      Enables or disables access control for the Metric.


Nullable MetricResponse

The result of a mutation which creates or modifies a Metric.