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Retries to set up the Data Pool identified by the given unique name.



Nullable DataPool

The Data Pool object.

A Data Pool is a cached table hydrated from your data warehouse optimized for high-concurrency and low-latency queries.

Learn more about Data Pools.

  • non-null ID

    The Data Pool's unique identifier.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.uniqueName non-null String

    The Data Pool's unique name.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.description non-null String

    The Data Pool's description.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.account non-null Account

    The Data Pool's Account.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.environment non-null Environment

    The Data Pool's Environment.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.createdAt non-null DateTime

    The Data Pool's creation date and time in UTC.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.modifiedAt non-null DateTime

    The Data Pool's last modification date and time in UTC.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.createdBy non-null String

    The Data Pools's creator. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was created by Propel.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.modifiedBy non-null String

    The Data Pools's last modifier. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was modified by Propel.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.dataSource non-null DataSource

    The Data Pool's Data Source.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.status non-null DataPoolStatus

    The Data Pool's status.

    The status of a Data Pool.


      The Data Pool has been created and will be set up soon.


      Propel is attempting to set up the Data Pool.

    • LIVE

      The Data Pool is set up and serving data. Check its Syncs to monitor data ingestion.


      The Data Pool setup failed. Check its Setup Tasks before re-attempting setup.


      Propel is deleting the Data Pool and all of its associated data.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.dataRetentionInDays non-null Int

    The Data Pool's data retention in days (not yet supported).

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.table non-null String

    The name of the Data Pool's table.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.timestamp non-null Timestamp

    The Data Pool's timestamp column.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.tenant nullable Tenant

    The Data Pool's Tenant ID, if configured.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.cursor nullable Cursor

    The Data Pool's cursor column. The column to track whether a record should be synced. An example of a cursor would be a timestamp column like updated_at.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.recordCount nullable String

    The number of records in the Data Pool.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.sizeInTerabytes nullable Float

    The amount of storage in terabytes used by the Data Pool.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.columns nullable DataPoolColumnConnection

    A list of columns included in the Data Pool. The specified columns from the underlying table will by synced to the Data Pool.

    This list does not include any excluded columns.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.availableMeasures nullable DataPoolColumnConnection

    A list of measures (numeric columns) available to Metrics.

    This list does not include any excluded columns.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.setupTasks nullable array of DataPoolSetupTask

    A list of setup tasks performed on the Data Pool during its most recent setup attempt.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncing non-null DataPoolSyncing

    Settings related to Data Pool syncing.

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncs nullable SyncConnection

    • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncs.filter optional SyncsFilter

      The filter to apply when listing the Syncs for a Data Pool.

      • EMPTY

        Returns only Syncs with empty records.

      • NOT_EMPTY

        Returns only Syncs that contain one or more records.

      • ALL

        Returns all Syncs, regardless of whether they contain records or not.

    • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncs.first optional Int

    • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncs.after optional String

    • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncs.last optional Int

    • retryDataPoolSetupByName.syncs.before optional String

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.metrics nullable MetricConnection

  • retryDataPoolSetupByName.deletionJobs nullable DeletionJobConnection

    The Deletion Jobs that where historically issued to this Data Pool, sorted by creation time, in descending order.