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The Application object.

Propel Applications represent the web or mobile app you are building. They provide the API credentials that allow your client- or server-side app to access the Propel API. The Application's Propeller determines the speed and cost of your Metric Queries.

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  • id non-null ID

    The Application's unique identifier.

  • uniqueName non-null String

    The Application's unique name.

  • description non-null String

    The Application's description.

  • account non-null Account

    The Application's Account.

    The Account object.

    • non-null ID

      The Account's unique identifier.

  • environment non-null Environment

    The Application's Environment.

    The Environments object.

    Environments are independent and isolated Propel workspaces for development, staging (testing), and production workloads. Environments are hosted in a specific region, initially in us-east-2 only.

  • createdAt non-null DateTime

    The Application's creation date and time in UTC.

  • modifiedAt non-null DateTime

    The Application's last modification date and time in UTC.

  • createdBy non-null String

    The Application's creator. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was created by Propel.

  • modifiedBy non-null String

    The Application's last modifier. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was modified by Propel.

  • clientId non-null String

    The Application's OAuth 2.0 client identifier.

  • secret nullable String

    The Application's OAuth 2.0 client secret.

  • propeller non-null Propeller

    The Application's Propeller.

    A Propeller determines your Application's query processing power. The larger the Propeller, the faster the queries and the higher the cost. Every Propel Application (and therefore every set of API credentials) has a Propeller that determines the speed and cost of queries.

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    • P1_X_SMALL

      Max records per second: 5,000,000 records per second

    • P1_SMALL

      Max records per second: 25,000,000 records per second

    • P1_MEDIUM

      Max records per second: 100,000,000 records per second

    • P1_LARGE

      Max records per second: 250,000,000 records per second

    • P1_X_LARGE

      Max records per second: 500,000,000 records per second

  • scopes non-null array of ApplicationScope

    The Application's OAuth 2.0 scopes.

    The API operations an Application is authorized to perform.

    • ADMIN

      Grant read/write access to Data Sources, Data Pools, Metrics and Policies.


      Grant read/write access to Applications.


      Grant read access to query Data Pools.


      Grant read access to fetch column statistics from Data Pools.


      Grant read access to query Metrics.


      Grant read access to fetch Dimension statistics from Metrics.


      Grant read access to Metrics.

      This does not allow querying Metrics. For that, see METRIC_QUERY.

  • dataPoolAccessPolicies non-null DataPoolAccessPolicyConnection

    A paginated list of Data Pool Access Policies associated with the Application.

    The Data Pool Access Policy connection object.

    Learn more about pagination in GraphQL.