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The Data Source Check object.

Data Source Checks are executed when setting up your Data Source. They check that Propel will be able to receive data and setup Data Pools.

The exact Checks to perform vary by Data Source. For example, Snowflake-backed Data Sources will have their own specific Checks.


  • name non-null String

    The name of the Data Source Check to be performed.

  • description nullable String

    A description of the Data Source Check to be performed.

  • status non-null DataSourceCheckStatus

    The status of the Data Source Check (all checks begin as NOT_STARTED before transitioning to SUCCEEDED or FAILED).

    The status of a Data Source Check.


      The Check has not started.


      The Check succeeded.

    • FAILED

      The Check failed.

  • error nullable Error

    If the Data Source Check failed, this field includes a descriptive error message.

    The error object.

  • checkedAt nullable DateTime

    The time at which the Data Source Check was performed.