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The Dimension object that represents a column in a table.


  • columnName non-null String

    The column name it represents.

  • type non-null String

    The column data type.

  • isNullable nullable Boolean

    Whether the column is nullable.

  • stats nullable DimensionStatistics

    The statistics for the dimension values. Fetching statistics incurs query costs.

    Statistics about a particular Dimension.

    • stats.uniqueValues nullable array of String

      An array of unique values for the Dimension, up to 1,000. Empty if the Dimension contains more than 1,000 unique values. Fetching unique values incurs query costs.

    • stats.min nullable String

      The minimum value of the Dimension.

    • stats.max nullable String

      The maximum value of the Dimension.

    • stats.average nullable String

      The average value of the Dimension. Empty for non-numeric Dimensions.

    • stats.query non-null QueryInfo

      The Query statistics and metadata.