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The Query Info object. It contains metadata and statistics about a Query performed.


  • id non-null ID

    The Query's unique identifier.

  • createdAt non-null DateTime

    The date and time in UTC when the Query was created.

  • createdBy non-null String

    The unique identifier of the actor that performed the Query.

  • modifiedAt non-null DateTime

    The date and time in UTC when the Query was last modified.

  • modifiedBy non-null String

    The unique identifier of the actor that modified the Query.

  • bytesProcessed non-null String

    The bytes processed by the Query.

  • durationInMilliseconds non-null Int

    The duration of the Query in milliseconds.

  • recordsProcessed non-null String

    The number of records processed by the Query.

  • resultingBytes non-null Int

    The bytes returned by the Query.

  • resultingRecords non-null Int

    The number of records returned by the Query.

  • propeller nullable Propeller

    The Propeller used for this query.

    A Propeller determines your Application's query processing power. The larger the Propeller, the faster the queries and the higher the cost. Every Propel Application (and therefore every set of API credentials) has a Propeller that determines the speed and cost of queries.

    Learn more about Data Sources.

    • P1_X_SMALL

      Max records per second: 5,000,000 records per second

    • P1_SMALL

      Max records per second: 25,000,000 records per second

    • P1_MEDIUM

      Max records per second: 100,000,000 records per second

    • P1_LARGE

      Max records per second: 250,000,000 records per second

    • P1_X_LARGE

      Max records per second: 500,000,000 records per second

  • status non-null QueryStatus

    The Query status.

    The Query status.


      The Query was completed succesfully.

    • ERROR

      The Query experienced an error.


      The Query timed out.

  • type non-null QueryType

    The Query type.

    The Query type.

    • METRIC

      Indicates a Metric Query.

    • STATS

      Indicates a Dimension Stats Query.

    • REPORT

      Indicates a Report Query.


      Indicates a Record Table Query.

    • SELECT

      Indicates a SelectV1 Query.

    • SQL

      Indicates a SQL Query.

  • subtype nullable QuerySubtype

    The Query subtype.

    The Query subtype.


      Indicates a Metric counter Query.


      Indicates a Metric time series Query.


      Indicates a Metric leaderboard Query.