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This query returns the Booster specified by the given ID.

A Booster significantly improves the query performance for a Metric.


  • id required ID


Nullable Booster

Boosters allow you to optimize Metric Queries for a subset of commonly used Dimensions. A Metric can have one or many Boosters to optimize for the different Query patterns.

Boosters can be understood as an aggregating index. The index is formed from left to right as follows:

  1. The Data Pool's Tenant ID column (if present)
  2. Metric Filter columns (if present)
  3. Query Filter Dimensions (see dimensions)
  4. The Data Pool's timestamp column
  • non-null ID

    The Booster's unique identifier.

  • booster.account non-null Account

    The Booster's Account.

  • booster.environment non-null Environment

    The Booster's Environment.

  • booster.createdAt non-null DateTime

    The Booster's creation date and time in UTC.

  • booster.modifiedAt non-null DateTime

    The Booster's last modification date and time in UTC.

  • booster.createdBy non-null String

    The Booster's creator. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was created by Propel.

  • booster.modifiedBy non-null String

    The Booster's last modifier. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was modified by Propel.

  • booster.metric non-null Metric

    The Metric this Booster is associated to.

  • booster.status non-null BoosterStatus

    The status of the Booster (once LIVE it will be available for speeding up Metric queries).

    The Booster status.


      The Booster has been created. Propel will start optimizing the Data Pool soon.


      Propel is setting up the Booster and optimizing the Data Pool.

    • LIVE

      The Booster is now live and available to speed up Metric queries.

    • FAILED

      Propel failed to setup the Booster. Please write to support. Alternatively, you can delete the Booster and try again.


      Propel is deleting the Booster and all of its associated data.

  • booster.error nullable Error

    If the Booster fails during the optimization process, this field includes a descriptive error message.

  • booster.progress nullable Float

    When the Booster is OPTIMIZING, this represents its progress as a number from 0 to 1. In all other states, progress is null.

  • booster.dimensions non-null array of Dimension

    Dimensions included in the Booster.

  • booster.recordCount nullable String

    The number of records in the Booster.

  • booster.sizeInTerabytes nullable Float

    The amount of storage in terabytes used by the Booster.