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This query returns the Data Pool specified by the given unique name.

A Data Pool is a cached table hydrated from your data warehouse optimized for high-concurrency and low-latency queries.



Nullable DataPool

The Data Pool object. Data Pools are Propel's high-speed data store and cache

Learn more about Data Pools.

  • non-null ID

    The Data Pool's unique identifier.

  • dataPoolByName.uniqueName non-null String

    The Data Pool's unique name.

  • dataPoolByName.description non-null String

    The Data Pool's description.

  • dataPoolByName.account non-null Account

    The Data Pool's Account.

  • dataPoolByName.environment non-null Environment

    The Data Pool's Environment.

  • dataPoolByName.createdAt non-null DateTime

    The Data Pool's creation date and time in UTC.

  • dataPoolByName.modifiedAt non-null DateTime

    The Data Pool's last modification date and time in UTC.

  • dataPoolByName.createdBy non-null String

    The Data Pool's creator. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was created by Propel.

  • dataPoolByName.modifiedBy non-null String

    The Data Pool's last modifier. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was modified by Propel.

  • dataPoolByName.dataSource non-null DataSource

    The Data Pool's Data Source.

  • dataPoolByName.status non-null DataPoolStatus

    The Data Pool's status.

    The status of a Data Pool.


      The Data Pool has been created and will be set up soon.


      Propel is attempting to set up the Data Pool.

    • LIVE

      The Data Pool is set up and serving data. Check its Syncs to monitor data ingestion.


      The Data Pool setup failed. Check its Setup Tasks before re-attempting setup.


      Propel is deleting the Data Pool and all of its associated data.

  • dataPoolByName.dataRetentionInDays non-null Int

    The Data Pool's data retention in days (not yet supported).

  • dataPoolByName.table non-null String

    The name of the Data Pool's table.

  • dataPoolByName.timestamp non-null Timestamp

    The Data Pool's primary timestamp column.

  • dataPoolByName.tenant nullable Tenant

    The Data Pool's tenant ID, if configured.

  • dataPoolByName.uniqueId nullable UniqueId

    The Data Pool's unique ID column. Propel uses the primary timestamp and a unique ID to compose a primary key for determining whether records should be inserted, deleted, or updated within the Data Pool.

  • dataPoolByName.recordCount nullable String

    The number of records in the Data Pool.

  • dataPoolByName.sizeInTerabytes nullable Float

    The amount of storage in terabytes used by the Data Pool.

  • dataPoolByName.columns nullable DataPoolColumnConnection

    The Data Pool's columns.

  • dataPoolByName.availableMeasures nullable DataPoolColumnConnection

    The list of measures (numeric columns) in the Data Pool.

  • dataPoolByName.setupTasks nullable array of DataPoolSetupTask

    A list of setup tasks performed on the Data Pool during its most recent setup attempt.

  • dataPoolByName.syncing non-null DataPoolSyncing

    Settings related to Data Pool syncing.

  • dataPoolByName.syncs nullable SyncConnection

    The list of Syncs of the Data Pool.

    • dataPoolByName.syncs.filter optional SyncsFilter

      The filter to apply when listing the Syncs for a Data Pool.

      • EMPTY

        Returns only Syncs with empty records.

      • NOT_EMPTY

        Returns only Syncs that contain one or more records.

      • ALL

        Returns all Syncs, regardless of whether they contain records or not.

    • dataPoolByName.syncs.first optional Int

    • dataPoolByName.syncs.after optional String

    • dataPoolByName.syncs.last optional Int

    • dataPoolByName.syncs.before optional String

  • dataPoolByName.metrics nullable MetricConnection

    The list of Metrics powered by the Data Pool.

  • dataPoolByName.deletionJobs nullable DeletionJobConnection

    The Deletion Jobs that were historically issued to this Data Pool, sorted by creation time, in descending order.

  • dataPoolByName.accessControlEnabled non-null Boolean

    Whether the Data Pool has access control enabled or not.

    If the Data Pool has access control enabled, Applications must be assigned Data Pool Access Policies in order to query the Data Pool and its Metrics.

  • dataPoolByName.dataPoolAccessPolicies non-null DataPoolAccessPolicyConnection

    A paginated list of Data Pool Access Policies available on the Data Pool.

  • dataPoolByName.validateExpression non-null ValidateExpressionResult

    Validates a custom expression against the Data Pool's available columns. If the provided expression is invalid, the ValidateExpressionResult response will contain a reason explaining why.