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The fields for creating an Application.


  • uniqueName optional String

    The Application's unique name. If not specified, Propel will set the ID as unique name.

  • description optional String

    The Application's description.

  • propeller optional Propeller

    The Application's Propeller. If no Propeller is provided, Propel will set the Propeller to P1_X_SMALL.

    A Propeller defines the compute power assigned to a Propel Application. The larger its compute power, the faster the queries. With Propellers, you can assign different compute powers (and cost profiles) to different use cases or workloads (with the same data).

    Propellers have the following properties:

    Max RPS: The maximum number of records per second (RPS) that can be processed by the Propeller on a single query.

    • P1_X_SMALL

      Max records per second: 5,000,000 records per second

    • P1_SMALL

      Max records per second: 25,000,000 records per second

    • P1_MEDIUM

      Max records per second: 100,000,000 records per second

    • P1_LARGE

      Max records per second: 250,000,000 records per second

    • P1_X_LARGE

      Max records per second: 500,000,000 records per second

  • scopes optional array of ApplicationScope

    The Application's API authorization scopes. If specified, at least one scope must be provided; otherwise, all scopes will be granted to the Application by default.

    The API operations an Application is authorized to perform.

    • ADMIN

      Grant read/write access to Data Sources, Data Pools and Metrics.


      Grant read access to query Metrics.


      Grant read access to fetch Dimension statistics from Metrics.