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This mutation creates a new Count Metric from the given Data Pool and returns the newly created Metric (or an error message if creating the Metric fails).

A Metric is a business indicator measured over time. A Count Metric returns the number of items found in the underlying data over a specific time period.


  • input optional CreateCountMetricInput

    The fields for creating a new Count Metric.

    • input.dataPool required ID

      The Data Pool that powers this Metric.

    • input.uniqueName optional String

      The Metric's unique name. If not specified, Propel will set the ID as unique name.

    • input.description optional String

      The Metric's description.

    • input.filters optional array of FilterInput

      The Metric's Filters. Metric Filters allow defining a Metric with a subset of records from the given Data Pool. If no Filters are present, all records will be included.

      The fields for defining a Filter.

      • input.filters.column required String

        The name of the column to filter on.

      • input.filters.operator required FilterOperator

        The operation to perform when comparing the column and filter values.

        The available Filter operators.

        • EQUALS

          Selects values that are equal to the specified value.

        • NOT_EQUALS

          Selects values that are not equal to the specified value.

        • GREATER_THAN

          Selects values that are greater than the specified value.


          Selects values that are greater or equal to the specified value.

        • LESS_THAN

          Selects values that are less than the specified value.


          Selects values that are less or equal to the specified value.

      • input.filters.value required String

        The value to compare the column to.

    • input.dimensions optional array of DimensionInput

      The Metric's Dimensions. Dimensions define the columns that will be available to filter the Metric at query time.

      The fields for creating or modifying a Dimension.


Nullable MetricResponse

The result of a mutation which creates or modifies a Metric.