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This mutation creates a new Data Pool from the given Data Source based on the specified table and using a particular column as the timestamp.

The mutation returns the newly created Data Pool (or an error message if creating the Data Pool fails).

A Data Pool is a cached table hydrated from your data warehouse optimized for high-concurrency and low-latency queries.


  • input required createDataPoolInput

    Fields for creating a Data Pool.

    • input.dataSource required idOrUniqueName

      The Data Source that will be used to create the Data Pool.

      The ID or unique name input.

      If both ID and unique name are provided, the ID will take precedence.

    • input.table required String

      The table that the Data Pool will sync from.

    • input.timestamp required DimensionInput

      The table's primary timestamp column.

      The fields for creating or modifying a Dimension.

    • input.uniqueName optional String

      The Data Pool's unique name. If not specified, Propel will set the ID as the unique name.

    • input.description optional String

      The Data Pool's description.

    • input.dataRetentionInDays optional Int

      The Data Pool's data retention in days. If not specified, records will be kept undefinitely.

    • input.excludedColumns optional array of String

      The list of columns to exclude from the Data Pool. The specified columns from the underlying table will not be synced to the Data Pool.

      You may not exclude the timestamp column. Additionally, if you specify a tenant, that column may not be excluded.

    • input.tenant optional TenantInput

      An optional Data Pool Tenant ID. When specified, the Metrics powered by the Data Pool will be able to use TENANT_ACCESS Policies designed for multi-tenant use cases.

      Fields for specifying a Data Pool's Tenant ID.

      The Tenant ID can be used for partitioning and restricting access between customers (Tenants) within a Data Pool.

      • input.tenant.columnName required String

        The name of the column that represents the Tenant ID.


Nullable DataPoolOrFailureResponse

The result of a mutation which creates or modifies a Data Pool.

If successful, an DataPoolResponse will be returned; otherwise, a FailureResponse will be returned.