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The column edge object.

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  • cursor non-null String

    The edge's cursor.

  • node non-null Column

    The edge's node.

    The column object.

    Once a table introspection succeeds, it creates a new table object for every table it introspected. Within each table object, it also creates a column object for every column it introspected.

    • non-null String

      The column's name.

    • node.type non-null String

      The column's type.

    • node.isNullable nullable Boolean

      Whether the column is nullable, meaning whether it accepts a null value.

    • node.cachedAt non-null DateTime

      The time at which the column was cached (i.e., the time at which it was introspected).

    • node.createdAt non-null DateTime

      The time at which the column was created. This is the same as its cachedAt time.

    • node.createdBy non-null String

      The columns's creator. This corresponds to the initiator of the table introspection. It can be either a User ID, an Application ID, or "system" if it was created by Propel.