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Settings for Max Metrics.


  • filters nullable array of Filter

    Metric Filters allow defining a Metric with a subset of records from the given Data Pool. If no Metric Filters are present, all records will be included. To filter at query time, add Dimensions and use the filters property on the timeSeriesInput, counterInput, or leaderboardInput objects. There is no need to add filters to be able to filter at query time.

    The fields of a Filter.

    • filters.column non-null String

      The name of the column to filter on.

    • filters.operator non-null FilterOperator

      The operation to perform when comparing the column and filter values.

      The available Filter operators.

      • EQUALS

        Selects values that are equal to the specified value.

      • NOT_EQUALS

        Selects values that are not equal to the specified value.


        Selects values that are greater than the specified value.


        Selects values that are greater or equal to the specified value.

      • LESS_THAN

        Selects values that are less than the specified value.


        Selects values that are less or equal to the specified value.

    • filters.value non-null String

      The value to compare the column to.

  • measure non-null Dimension

    The Dimension to select the maximum from.

    The Dimension object that represents a column in a table.

    • measure.columnName non-null String

      The column name it represents.

    • measure.type non-null String

      The column data type.

    • measure.isNullable nullable Boolean

      Whether the column is nullable.

    • measure.stats nullable DimensionStatistics

      The statistics for the dimension values. Fetching statistics incurs query costs.