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What is Propel?

Propel is an API platform to build high-performance analytics into web and mobile apps with data from your data warehouse, webhooks, streaming service, or transaciotnal database.

Building performant customer-facing analytics requires sophisticated data infrastructure and entire teams to develop and maintain. With Propel, dev teams can focus on building product experiences like usage reports, insights dashboards, or analytics APIs without any data infrastructure to maintain and operate.


Propel integrates with your data infrastructure, enabling you to leverage the data you already have and expose it securely and performantly via APIs to your customer-facing applications.

What is Propel?

What problems does Propel solve?

Customer-facing analytics have unique requirements that Propel helps you solve:

  • ⚡️  Agility: When building data products, product development teams need to be able to iterate quickly and cheaply. Propel's API-first approach empowers teams to quickly iterate on the customer experience with minimal backend or data team dependencies without managing or maintaining any data infrastructure.

  • 📜  Cost-effective performance: Customers expect fast, snappy product experiences. Because data products ultimately serve customers rather than internal employees, they must support a dramatically higher number of concurrent requests and do so cost-effectively. Propel's Data Pools serve data blazingly fast to your applications and are built to support high-concurrency environments.

  • 🔐  Multi-tenant security: SaaS and consumer apps can have thousands or millions of users that each need to access their own data. With Propel's Access Policies, you can easily control access to data, ensuring that each customer can only see their own data.

Who is it for?​

👩🏾‍💻 Developers, 🧑‍💻 developers, 👩🏻‍💻 developers.

We've built Propel for product development teams, including backend, frontend, and mobile developers.