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February 2023 improvements and fixes

  • Launched Terraform provider.
  • Launched Grafana plugin.
  • Fixed an issue with Snowflake number type support with scale greater than 9
  • Adds support for "data_pool:query" and "data_pool:stats" scopes in the OAuth 2.0 API for requesting an Application access token.
  • Opened up signups for Snowflake customers.
  • Fixed a bug in tenant filtering for metricReport API.
  • Fixed a bug that added one extra time unit at the end of time series queries with relative time ranges filters.
  • Fixed a bug allowing support DOUBLE and FLOAT column types for Tenant.
  • Pagination fixes in web console.
  • Fix to disallow changing HTTP Data source table name after creation.
  • Fixed a bug in playground visualization card height.