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Effortlessly power the dashboards and data APIs your customers need.

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"'I've had to own this in the past, and it's not cheap. If you were to build what Propel gives need a data team, engineering team, build and implement UI, caching, performance optimizations, ongoing needs, maintenance of the data. It adds up. With Propel, I was able to carve out a sprint or two and get something out the door with my existing folks."
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Seth Carney

CTO, Courier

"My goal is to accelerate the process for getting meaningful business event driven data to our customers. Propel makes this an easy and scalable process."
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Joe McCorkle

CTO at Property Vista

"If you're looking to build user-friendly analytics, Propel is the way to go. It allowed us to create powerful analytics quickly and efficiently, even at a large scale. One of the things that really sold us on Propel was their authentication model and how seamlessly it integrates with our architecture. On top of that, their team is incredibly knowledgeable."
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Kristie Howard

Director of Engineering

Turn Data into Dashboards your customers will love

Delight your customers with fast and responsive dashboards, powerful drill-downs, custom reports, and a completely native look and feel to your product.

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Iterate faster with the data infrastructure you already have

Whether you are an early-stage startup with a single database or an enterprise with sophisticated data infrastructure, Propel integrates with your data stack and helps you accelerate your customer-facing analytics roadmap.


Deliver in days, not months, with the team you have

Engineering teams can deliver dashboards and data API products in a matter of days because Propel solves the three key requirements for customer-facing analytics.

Sub-second query latencies over billions of rows

Multi-tenant access control

Ready-to-integrate analytical APIs

Power multiple use cases with a single platform

Leverage the same platform to power customer dashboards, data APIs, usage metering, and LLM analytics.

multiple use casesmultiple use cases

You could be building more

Get a product demo to see how Propel helps your product dev team build more with less.

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