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May 2023 improvements and fixes


  • Metric Report: We increased the number of supported dimensions from 2 to 10.
  • Metric Report: We enabled report-level filtering. Filters can now be passed which can remove rows from the report.
  • Logins and signups now use the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol.
  • Data Pools now have a new Preview Data tab. This tab shows the most recent records synchronized to the data pools.
  • Add support for Parquet data types: Map, List and Struct that are mapped to Propel column data type: JSON.
  • Add support for group structures within Parquet files.


  • Fixed an issue with ingesting timestamps with a value of 0 and enhanced error handling for negative epoch timestamps.
  • Fixed an issue with WEEK granularity starting on a Sunday. The WEEK granularity now starts on Monday, consistent with LAST_N_WEEKS and the week-based relative time ranges.
  • Fixed a bug with changing between Relative and Absolute time in the metric playground.
  • Fixed a bug with the GraphQL variables when changing between relative types in the metric playground.
  • Fixed a bug where the username string in the top right of the web console would show the id instead of the username.
  • Fixed an issue displaying the setup checklist for S3 data source.
  • Fixed a non-clickable save button on account settings.