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August 2023 new features, fixes, and improvements

New features

  • ❄️ Propel can now sync updates and deletes from your Snowflake data, unlocking a host of new use cases! Learn more.
  • 🍽️ Propel can now synchronize data from Snowflake Dynamic Tables. Learn more.
  • ⏰ Queries now support setting time zones. Learn more.
  • 💰 We updated pricing for the P1_X_SMALL propeller. See pricing.


  • Time Series queries were sometimes returning unexpected numbers of granules (e.g., when passing timeZone). For example, asking for TODAY with granularity DAY should always return a single granule; asking for THIS_WEEK with granularity DAY should always return seven granules. This is now fixed.
  • Multiple S3-based files with the same name in different directories are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with wrong validations in the Leaderboard query builder in the Console, not allowing the query to execute.
  • Fix Metric overview documentation links in the Console.
  • Fixed error state for sparklines in the Console.
  • Fixed a bug with tooltips showing for sparklines in the Console.
  • Fixed an issue with time series charts in the console not starting at 0.
  • Fixed an issue with Propeller time-out errors showing twice in the Console.
  • Fixed a bug where an erroneous 0 would show up in filter lists in the Console.


  • Syncs have a new processedRecords property. It is the sum of the existing properties newRecordsupdatedRecords, and failedRecords. This is in support of the updating Data Pool functionality.
  • Better and more detailed errors for different Data Pool errors on creation and sync in the console and API.
  • Graphs in the Console now render using the browser timezone.
  • Customers can now more easily paste or type into all autocomplete components in the Console.
  • Setting a filter value in the Metric Playground will now provide autocomplete for less than 1000 values, and free text type in all cases.
  • New, better design for Applications listing page in Console with ID, scopes, and Propeller displayed.
  • The UI Kit now uses Luxon under the hood for better date handling.
  • On the docs, the Quickstart now introduces how to set up a Propel Application and use it in the Next.js starter app.
  • On the Leaderboards, Counter, Time Series, and Metric Report overview docs, we now use TacoSoft (our Quickstart data set) in all example queries.
  • On the Leaderboards, Counter, Time Series, and Metric Report docs, we updated query examples to use the up-to-date top-level query structure (metricName in query input instead of the deprecated metricByName or metricById).
  • We made visual improvements in the navbar on the docs site with higher contrast.