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September 2023 new features, fixes, and improvements

New features

  • ➗ ✖️ ➕ ➖ New Custom Metrics type. Custom Metrics enable you to define custom expressions to aggregate data from your Data Pool. This provides a more flexible approach to defining Metrics that capture more complex business logic.
  • 🥇 LAST and FIRST aggregation functions for Custom Metric expressions. Read the docs.
  • % PERCENTILE aggregation functions for Custom Metric expressions. Read the docs.
  • ❄️ Propel can now synchronize data from Snowflake views as well as standard tables and dynamic tables. Read the blog post.
  • 💰 We launched self-service billing, usage reports, and our trial plans. Log in to the Console and go to the new Billing section.
  • 📒 The React UI Components have new documentation in Storybook.


  • We fixed a bug where Metrics could created for a given Data Pool outside the context of an environment.
  • Fixed an issue on signup with special character handling.
  • Fixed an issue where queries were executing during Console sign-out.
  • Fixed an issue in the UI kit with time series label granularity displaying incorrectly.


  • We’ve made several improvements to the underlying performance of Data Pools that connect to Snowflake and have updated records.
  • Customers will be able to select a timezone for queries in the Playground.
  • We improved the text descriptions of Data Pool creation fields in the Console.
  • Customers will now see top-level GraphQL queries for the playground instead of the metric query.
  • Various stability and performance enhancements to file handling with Amazon S3.
  • We added a search functionality on our documentation site.
  • We've added new guides to our docs: