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October 2023 new features, fixes, and improvements

New features

  • 🎉  Self-serve sign-up is open! You can now sign up to Propel and get started without filling in a form or contacting us.

  • 🕸️  New Webhook Data Pool. This new Data Pool type allows for easy ingestion of JSON events into Propel. Webhook setup and management is available in both the console and via our GraphQL API. The console has a rich UX for easily building and testing your JSON schema to match the event structure. Check out the documentation.

  • 🌮 We have a new and improved Quickstart to get you going with sample data as fast as possible.

  • 💥 New Console navigation. We’ve streamlined the navigation and introduced the concept of Credentials for Data Pools. (For existing customers: Credentials replace the concept of Data Sources within the Console. No changes have been made to the public APIs.)

  • 🛝 New top-level API Playground! The API Playground used to be available inside each metric definition in the Console. We’ve moved it out into the main navigation, making it easier than ever to query your metrics.

  • { } New code samples in the API Playground. In addition to grabbing sample GraphQL code for your queries, you can now copy full cURL and JavaScript samples for making queries - right from inside the playground.

  • 👩🏽‍💻 UI Kit Code Examples. The UI Kit’s documentation in Storybook now has code examples for each component.

  • 📊 Added support for custom label formatting in the Leaderboard component in UI Kit. See the pull request.


  • We fixed an issue when using MAX, MIN, FIRST, LAST, and ANY aggregate functions inside an arithmetic expression and their first argument is a JSON column. Expressions like  MAX( now work correctly.
  • We fixed a bug in the LAST aggregation function when the LAST function call was not a top-level operation in the expression.
  • We fixed issues with DATE formatting in some instances in Parquet files used in ingestion.
  • We fixed a navigation issue in the Console for users with smaller screens.
  • We fixed an issue with the navigation collapse arrow for the menu.
  • We fixed an issue with displaying a selectable timezone in the playground.
  • We fixed an issue with displaying Custom Metrics filters in the “Settings” tab of a Metric.


  • Our documentation now features a new navigation system that categorizes data sources into events, data warehouses, and Gen AI sources.
  • In the Console, we've introduced a time range selector to the "Preview Data" tab for Data Pools.
  • On supported Data Pools, customers can now trigger manual syncs even when syncing is paused.