April 2023 Product Updates 🌷

Check out our latest product announcements, including new OR and Filter Group support, Leaderboard UI component, and delete job API to have full control of your data.


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Hi there!

Typically, customers come to Propel to solve one use case. But then realize they can power multiple use cases with the same platform. That’s when the magic happens. ✨

We often get asked: “What are some of the other use cases customers are building?”, So we thought we’d share them here:

  • Customer dashboards and reports: Build insights as part of your product experience.
  • Data APIs: Expose your analytics data via self-service APIs.
  • Usage metering: Measure, report, and alert on product usage.
  • Data Sharing: Sync data to your customers’ data warehouse.

What is neat about Propel is that it provides engineering teams with a unified platform to deliver high-performance customer-facing analytics. It is an analytics backend with a GraphQL API and React UI component library that requires no infrastructure scaling or management. 🔥

What’s new?

We’ve been shipping and shipping! Here are some of the latest features.

🔭 Introducing OR and Filter Groups support to our GraphQL API: Propel’s new filtering capabilities enable you to easily build powerful drill downs and empower customers to slice and dice their reports and dashboards. For more details, read the blog post.

🗑️ Delete Job API: This API lets you delete data using our powerful GraphQL query filter syntax. This gives you full control over the timely removal of data. For more details, read the blog post on GDPR and Enterprise compliance.

🏆  Leaderboard React UI Component: A really neat component to visualize the Top N by a given metric. The component does all the heavy lifting, including fetching the data, managing loading and error states, and rendering a responsive UI.  For details, check out the Github repo.

Lastly, check out all the improvements and fixes in our changelog.

The latest posts and episodes

From Propel

Overview of Propel’s GDPR and Enterprise Compliance Features
   — Dave Ganly, Head of Product at Propel 

In this post, Dave covers how Propel ensures we keep your sensitive information safe and how we provide you with the tools to manage your data. Read the blog post.

Platform Engineering with Jason Hudak 
    — Jason Hudak, VPE at Rapid, and Tyler Wells, Co-founder at Propel

In today's episode, Tyler has a conversation with Jason Hudak, SVP and Head of Engineering for Rapid. Jason is an ex-US Marine, proud father, F1 aficionado, and avid hunter. Jason worked for Mark Cuban's companies, held various leadership positions at Yahoo!, and led the Platform Engineering organization at Twilio.

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Why do Platforms need to be self-service?  
—  Nico Acosta, CEO & Co-founder at Propel

Why one of our favorite values is: “Propel is customer-zero”   
    — Nico Acosta, CEO & Co-founder at Propel

The highs and lows of building a company  
    — Tyler Wells, CTO & Co-founder at Propel

From the community

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