Securely share data with your highest-value customers

Turn that enterprise customer request to “pull a report real quick” into a 
set of revenue-generating analytics features.

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Have it their way

Every high-value customer or partner has different analytics requirements. Allow them to pick their own path:

  • Access data directly in their own BI platform (e.g. PowerBI), ETL tool (e.g. Fivetran) or query browser
  • Explore from a white-labeled reporting portal
  • Integrate via GraphQL API into their own applications

Relieve your team from reporting duty

Retire from writing ad-hoc SQL queries and sharing CSV exports with enterprise customers + partners. 

Solve the underlying need with a product feature, rather than the effort of solutions engineers and customer success managers.

Deliver Fresh Data

Ingest data from multiple sources in real-time, query with sub-second latency.

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Launch analytics as a SKU

Deliver data sharing to your customers in days, not months.

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How Propel Works

The complete toolkit to ship the best analytics products on the planet.


Get fresh data from anywhere

Unify and bring your batch and streaming together. It is as simple as connecting your data source or sending JSON events.

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Unify, transform, aggregate, and enrich in real time

Use Propel's powerful Materialized Views tools to clean, join, format, aggregate, and enrich your data, preparing it for analysis in real time.

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Model data into metrics

Define metrics from your data that represent key performance indicators for your product. These metrics can create insightful dashboards and reports for your customers.

tenant access

Apply multi-tenant access control

Isolate customer access to their own data with row or column-level access policies, automatically applied at query time. No filter statement required.

access methods

Offer multiple access methods

Climb the ladder of data maturity with your customers, supporting them with different access methods (SQL, BI, ETL, custom reporting) as they scale adoption of your platform.


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"I've had to own this in the past, and it's not cheap. With Propel, we launched our enterprise dashboards in a couple of sprints.”

Seth Carney


"My goal is to deliver meaningful business insights to our customers. Propel makes this an easy and scalable process."

Joe McCorkle


"Propel is the way to go. It enabled us to launch user-friendly yet robust analytics quickly and efficiently on a large scale.”

Kristie Howard

Director of Engineering
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