June 2023 Product Updates

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We’re especially excited about this month's new features

🛠️ New data sync controls for Snowflake: New features enable fine-grained control over data synchronization between Snowflake and Propel, including customizable sync intervals, support for dbt full refresh, pausing/resuming, and sync logs visibility in the Console.  Read the blog post.

😍 JSON Data Type and Query support: Learn how Propel's JSON support enables you to query unstructured data from various sources, such as AWS S3 data lakes, webhooks, and Snowflake. Read the blog post.

Lastly, check out all the improvements and fixes in our changelog.

The latest posts and episodes

From Propel

APIs on Top of Snowflake with Propel  @ Snowflake Blog
— Nico Acosta, CEO at Propel

In Snowflake’s blog, Nico writes about how Propel is building an API platform to equip developers to build with data, and why data architecture is the most important technical decision a company will make. Read the blog post.

How to Create a  Data API on Snowflake
— Nico Acosta, CEO at Propel

In this post, you’ll see exactly what it takes to create and query an API on top of your Snowflake data warehouse using Propel’s blazing-fast analytics API platform. In five easy steps, you’ll connect to Snowflake, define a Metric, and query it with our GraphQL API. Read the blog post.

Integrations with Ampersand and Lauren Long
— Lauren Long, Co-founder & CTO at Ampersand, and Tyler Wells, Co-founder & CTO at Propel

🎙️ In this episode, Tyler sits down with Lauren Long. Lauren is the co-founder and CTO of Ampersand, a seed-stage startup company that helps SaaS companies build user-facing integrations into their products. Previously, Lauren served as a Software Engineer at Shortwave and was the founding Tech Lead of Firebase Extensions at Google. In this conversation, we dig into the beginnings of Ampersand, the fundraising experience, the current architecture being built on Google Cloud, and some fun facts about email addresses.

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AMA on Propel's Cloud Odyssey
— Mark Roberts and Tyler Wells, Co-founders at Propel

🎙️ In this podcast episode, we dive deep into Propel's journey of choosing the right cloud infrastructure, change management processes, and scaling strategies without breaking the bank. 💰

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