March 2023 Product Updates

Check out our latest product announcements, including open signups for Snowflake customers, our new website, Reports API and React components to build dashboards and data visualizations.

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TL;DR: Signups are open for Snowflake customers! → Try Propel for free and start building today.

Hi there!

You may have noticed that Propel got a new coat of paint! But first, let me introduce you to Paulina Query, our new head of Propellers!

Paulina Query, head of Propellers
A picture of Paulina Query, Head of Propellers

Paulina ensures your data is seamlessly picked up from your data sources and served blazingly fast to your web and mobile apps!

What’s new?

We’ve been hard at work, and we’re excited to share our latest product updates.

New website!: Propel got a new website and a new mascot, Paulina, who you’ve already met. Check it out!

Propel's new website
A screen capture pf Propel's new website

🧮 Metric Report API: It’s the secret weapon for developers to build sophisticated reports into their apps with a single API request. This new API enables product dev teams to build the reports that customers will love in hours, not weeks. For more details, read the blog post.

💎  Propel UI Kit preview: We’re announcing the public preview of Propel’s UI Kit, a library of open-source React UI components to build data visualizations, dashboards, and reports with ease.  The preview includes the first 3 React components: time series, counter, and leaderboard components. Check them out and take them for a spin! For details, read the blog post or check out the Github repo.

Lastly, check out all the improvements and fixes in our changelog.

The latest posts and episodes

From Propel

Why we built Propel— Nico Acosta and Tyler Wells, Co-founders at Propel

As the co-founder of Propel, I couldn't be more thrilled to share our journey, our founding insight, and how we got started. In the first episode of our new podcast, Data Chaos, we discuss:

✨ Why customer-facing analytics was one of the secret sauces for Twilio's early growth.

🌐 How we bootstrapped and ended up building Voice Insights, one of Twilio's fastest-growing products.

🧗 How we quickly realized that Voice Insights should have been a platform, not only a product.

🚀 And the founding insight that led us to start building Propel.

A video clip of the Why we built Propel podcast episode.

Check it out, give it a listen, and let us know what you think! Subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

How we integrated Apollo Studio with the Propel API docs
— Felipe Cadavid, Frontend Engineer at Propel

In this post, Felipe shares how we integrated the Apollo Studio API explorer into Propel’s documentation, the options we considered, and some of the challenges we had to overcome. Read the blog post.

Propel & GraphQXL: the missing language
— Gabriel Musat Mestre, Senior Engineer at Propel

Large GraphQL APIs, like Propel’s, end up with a lot of boilerplate types and inputs. Learn how GraphQXL solves reusability with inheritance, generics, and imports while maintaining a schema-first approach friendly to API designers*.* Read the blog post.

How to get started with Propel?

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Thank you for reading!

Nico Acosta
Co-founder & CEO

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