Now in Preview: File Upload Data Source with Parquet support

Upload data into Propel to power a variety of customer-facing analytics use cases

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We’re excited to announce our new File Upload Data Source. The new functionality lets you upload data files directly to Propel to power your user-facing analytics use cases such as insights or usage dashboards and analytics APIs. We’re launching it today in preview.

How it works

The File Upload Data Source preview supports Parquet files (what is Parquet?), with CSV, JSON, and Avro support coming soon. Simply define your Data Source, and then either define your table schema manually or use a Parquet file; Propel can scan the file to determine the schema automatically. You can update field names and types if necessary, and disregard fields you don’t want to import.

An animated gif showing a sample parquet file being dragged into the browser and scanned. The data schema found as a result of the scan is then shown.

With a table named, you are ready to upload files. The Data Source supplies a secure upload URL using HTTP Basic authentication. As new files are uploaded, Data Pools defined on top of the Data Source will synchronize the data. Once Metrics are defined, you are ready to execute low-latency analytics queries via Propel’s graphQL APIs and build your dashboards and more.

How can I try it?

The File Upload Data Source with Parquet support is available today in preview with CSV, JSON, and Avro coming soon. If you are an existing customer and would like to get the functionality added to your Propel account, please contact us. If you’d like to learn more about Propel, we’d love to speak with you; click here to book a demo today!

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