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TL;DR: Are customer dashboards or analytics on your 2023 roadmap? Book a demo, and we can get you going!

Why do leading companies like Shopify, LinkedIn, or Twilio spend so much time and resources building analytics into their products? They are typically trying to accomplish one of three things:

  • Unlock enterprise adoption: quoting from the guide: “Reporting and analytics allow admins to demonstrate value gained from the use of an application.”
  • Accelerate product-led growth: To unlock growth, PLG companies need to empower customers with data to understand how the product is performing for them, to understand their usage and spend, and to troubleshoot without writing in to support.
  • Increase conversion rates: Kayak has my favorite example with its price forecast. It’s a prime example of in-product analytics to drive conversion rates.

Whether enterprises, self-service customers, or consumers, they now expect to be empowered with data to make decisions and understand how the product is performing for them.

What's new?

At Propel, we are off to an exciting start of the year! Check out the latest preview features we’re working on and let us know (you can reply to this email) if you want to try them out!

🪝Webhook Data Source preview: Building analytics does not have to be hard, nor require a ton of data engineering. Imagine if you could send a flat JSON to a webhook endpoint and then power all your high-performance analytics with that data. It’s that simple. Read the blog post.

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🗃️ File upload Data Source preview: This new Data Source lets you upload data parquet files directly to Propel, making it even easier to bring your data to power insights or usage dashboards and analytics APIs over without a lot of data engineering heavy lifting. Respond to this email if you want to kick the tires. For more details, read the blog post.


Lastly, check out our API docs and all the improvements and fixes in our changelog.

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Nico Acosta
Co-founder & CEO

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