Data Chaos Bits: AMA on Propel's Cloud Odyssey: Exploring Infrastructure Choices, Change Management, and Cost-Efficiency Strategies

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Episode Description

🎙️ In this podcast episode, we dive deep into Propel's journey of choosing the right cloud infrastructure, change management processes, and scaling strategies without breaking the bank. 💰

Some of the questions we answer in the episode include: 1️⃣ What cloud infrastructure did Propel choose to use and why? 🌐

2️⃣ What CI/CD solution does Propel use, and why was it chosen? 🔧

3️⃣ How does Propel handle change management and testing processes? 🔄

4️⃣ What are the biggest considerations for cost efficiencies and the best decisions to scale without rapidly exhausting funds? 💸

5️⃣ How does Propel handle third-party software and its own software installation? 🛠️

6️⃣ Can Propel scale to allow direct customer connectivity to data for the purpose of customers using their own BI tools? 📊

7️⃣ What are Propel's thoughts on using Azure and .NET stack? ☁️

Show Notes

(0:00:01) - Propel's Cloud Infrastructure and CI/CD Choices
Propel chose AWS for its Event-Driven Architecture, using CDK and a CI/CD solution with GitHub, Code Build, and Code Artifact.

(0:08:06) - Change Management and Testing Process
We consider bug fixes, feature editions, automated tests, validation, rollback strategy, and GitHub repo for QA and testing.

(0:15:56) - Cloud Infrastructure and Cost Efficiency Strategies
Installing third party software and our own software using Helm charts, operators, cost efficiencies, serverless, AWS bill, Dynamo, and scaling.

(0:29:41) - API, GCP, AI, and Azure
Propel enables customer data connectivity, GCP testing, AI research/recommendations, Azure NET stack, analytics API, and measuring AI model quality.

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