Data Chaos Bits: đź”® Unveiling the Future: Insights from Snowflake Summit 2023

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Episode Description

Dive into the future of Snowflake with Tyler Wells, Nico Acosta, and Dave Ganly as they take you on a journey through the Snowflake Summit 2023. Uncover the revolutionary impact of dynamic tables and Snowpark Container Services and get insights into how these innovations could change transformation workloads and data apps. The trio also reflects on the conference atmosphere, from the camaraderie to the Vegas heat and their favorite happy hour. From discussing the potential of bringing apps to the data rather than vice versa to exploring the impact of deploying the Propel GraphQL API layer on top of customer data, this episode is packed with insights that could change how you build on Snowflake. So buckle up and join this exciting ride into the future!


Show Notes

(0:00:01) - Snowflake Summit Highlights
Snowflake's hidden agenda, dynamic tables, DBT debates, APIs, LLMs, AI, GitHub co-pilot, and document AI discussed.

(0:11:20) - Challenges and Excitement Surrounding Snowflake's API
Snowflake's dynamic tables, REST API setup, authentication, data modelling, UI design, customizing analytics without SQL coding, and taking a prototype to production are discussed.

(0:18:19) - Snowpark Container Services and Expo Booth
We discuss challenges of conversations in crowded spaces, pros/cons of booths/gorilla marketing, importance of gimmicks, positive experiences meeting customers/partners, and Snowflake's Container Services/Dynamic Tables.

(0:32:07) - Future of Snowflake and Container Services
Snowflake's container services, app marketplace, monetization tools, startups, apps, generative AI, and customer-facing fabric are discussed.

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