620 Connectors and Dispelling the Modern Data Platform: A Conversation with Ethan Aaron

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Episode Description

What does it take to scale a data company, navigate the intricate world of data infrastructure, and build an engaging LinkedIn community all at once? Join me, your host Tyler Wells, as I sit down with the dynamic ⁠Ethan Aaron⁠, co-founder of ⁠Portable⁠, for a deep dive into these captivating topics. With over 620 no-code API connectors under his belt, Ethan provides a fresh perspective on the art of scaling a data company like no other.

We'll explore the crucial role of data teams, the challenges they face, and the value they bring. We'll examine the modern data stack and its evolution over the past five years, highlighting the importance of automation, dashboards, and product building. Also, brace yourselves as we delve into the downsizing phase many companies have faced due to the end of the zero interest years and how they've managed to optimize their modern data stack amid such challenging times.

Lastly, we'll delve into the fascinating world of LinkedIn marketing. Ethan shares his experience on building an audience and creating brand awareness, offering invaluable insights on engaging with the LinkedIn community. Discover the power of thought leadership in driving adoption and conversions, and how it can lead to business growth. Tune in for an engaging conversation that promises to challenge your existing notions and provide valuable insights into the data ecosystem and beyond.

Show Notes

(04:30 - 05:26) Building Efficient Niche API Connectors (56 Seconds)
(08:37 - 09:31) Differentiation Through Speed and Custom Connectors (55 Seconds)
(14:04 - 16:17) Choosing GraphQL for Tailored Front-End API (133 Seconds)
(19:21 - 19:47) Importance of Data Team in Business (26 Seconds)
(24:40 - 26:41) Data Products (121 Seconds)
(30:03 - 32:01) Importance of Identifying High-Value Use Cases (119 Seconds)
(41:42 - 43:22) Navigating Embedded Dashboards and Customer Problems (100 Seconds)
(47:55 - 48:54) Exploring the Impact of LinkedIn Marketing (59 Seconds)
(55:38 - 56:24) Start Business, Deliver Customer Analytics (45 Seconds)
(58:58 - 59:24) Impacting Posts (27 Seconds)

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