Lindsey Bell - Product Operations Take 2

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Unlock the secrets of Product Operations with the return of Lindsey Bell, as she guides us through her transition from RapidAPI to Foursquare and the potent impact of Product Ops in today's tech scene. As the vital 'glue' of R&D organizations, Lindsay demystifies the skepticism surrounding Product Ops and shares her firsthand insights - revealing how this role is reshaping company culture and team efficiency. Plus, we explore Melissa Perri's influential new book on the topic, promising to enrich your understanding of integrating Product Operations into your business strategy.

We're stirring up the conversation around the convergence of design ops, engineering ops, and product ops, dissecting their collective role in scaling and streamlining organizations. Discover the fine line between fostering innovation and risking misalignment within specialized ops roles. I'll draw from a diverse range of company cultures to illustrate how an overarching product ops role can detect inefficiencies and promote synergy between product management and engineering, steering clear of siloed work environments and driving toward the creation of remarkable products.

Journey with us into the mechanics of product management, where we dissect the product development lifecycle and the art of upholding deadline accountability across various stages of company growth. Lindsay Bell and I compare notes on how Foursquare is mastering roadmap visibility with the past experiences, scrutinizing the tools that support this vital process. We also dream up the ultimate visualization tool for tracking product development from start to finish - a system designed to pivot a product's journey from initial concept to market triumph. Join us for this deep dive into operational excellence and the roles that make products stand out in a crowded marketplace.

(00:01) - Product Operations and Industry Insights

(06:38) - The Role of Operations in Organizations

(16:47) - Product Development Operations and Roadmaps

(23:04) - Effective Product Management Practices

(35:40) - Product Management and Deadline Accountability

(43:39) - Exploring Research Ops in Product Development

(47:43) - Product Development Lifecycle Visualization Tool

Show Notes

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