Building Generative AI experiences that involve human conversations with Surbhi Rathore, CEO of Symbl.ai

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Episode Description

I am excited to share our latest podcast episode, where we dive deep into the fascinating realm of conversational data and intelligence with none other than Surbhi Rathore, co-founder and CEO of Symbl.ai.
In this compelling conversation, we explore the groundbreaking journey of Symbl.ai, the power of AI in shaping our future experiences, and the potential of creating remarkable experiences using conversation data.

Top 5 Takeaways:

  1. The shift in Symbl.ai's Ideal Customer Profile and the potential of using conversation data to enhance customer experiences.
  2. The power of AI in automating tasks and the challenges in recording conversations.
  3. The impact of LLMs on the dynamic of the sale and the potential of specialized models in generating accurate results.
  4. The development and launch of Nebula, Symbl.ai's core component of natural language processing.
  5. Surbhi Rathore's personal journey from India to the founding of Symbl.ai and the lessons she learned along the way.
    Don't miss this insightful conversation as we navigate the vast ocean of conversational data and intelligence with Surbhi Rathore.
Show Notes

(0:00:11) - Exploring Conversational Data and Intelligence (6 Minutes)
Tyler Wells speaks with Surbhi Rathore, the CEO and co-founder of Symbl.ai, the platform that stands as a vanguard in the endeavor to elevate communication experiences and products and solutions for businesses around the world. We explore her illustrious journey, the milestones that define Symbl.ai's rise and the abdominal spirit that drives an entrepreneur to visualize a world resonating with connected intelligence. We discuss the shift in Symbl's ICP over the last year from product leaders to AI teams and engineering teams, as well as the types of experiences that customers can build with conversation data. We also highlight the importance of real time experiences in terms of compliance, alerting and assisting with knowledge and information.

(0:06:39) - AI in Augmented Experiences (10 Minutes)
We explore how companies can use generative AI to automate their follow-up emails, update their confluence pages and calendar, and the challenges of recording conversations. We also discuss the potential for bias, as audio recordings are not anonymous, and the complexities of making speech models regional and specific. Finally, we consider the advantages of storing transcripts instead of audio data.

(0:16:45) - Chat GPT's Impact and Nebula Introduction (11 Minutes)
Surbhi Rathore explains the importance of the build versus buy question for engineers, how the rise of chat GPD has changed the dynamic of the sale, and what to look for when considering generative AI. We discuss how companies can leverage generative AI to automate follow-up emails, update confluence pages, and calendar events, and the challenges of obtaining accurate results. Serbi also shares her belief that specialized models can do far more than general models and the need for companies to provide more data in order to gain the intelligence they need.

(0:27:31) - The Development and Launch of Nebula (6 Minutes)
Surbhi Rathore shares the timeline of the development of Symbl.ai and Nebula, the core components of natural language processing, and how the company has adapted to the changing market. We discuss the challenge of building a language model without millions of dollars in funding and how the launch of their first generative model in 2021 was a key moment for the company. Serbi also speaks to the importance of questioning oneself and having complete belief in what you're executing while also understanding the ups and downs of the journey.

(0:33:10) - Founder's Journey and Lessons Learned (13 Minutes)
We discuss Surbhi Rathore's journey from India to Amdox and eventually to founding Symbl.ai and Nebula, the core components of natural language processing. We also explore the importance of the build versus buy question for engineers, how the rise of chat GPD has changed the dynamic of the sale, and how the customer can provide validation and opportunity for the company. Finally, Surbhi shares her reflections on the importance of learning, human connection, and negotiation in business building.

(0:45:41) - Excitement for Future Growth and Learning (5 Minutes)
Surbhi Rathore and Tyler Wells discuss the importance of building a culture that is representative of the type of company you want to have and be part of. They explore how organizations can restructure roles to become full-stack across the organization, the timeline of development of Symbl.ai and Nebula, and Surbhi Rathore's journey from India to founding Symbl.ai and Nebula. Surbhi Rathore shares potential guests for the podcast and what has her most excited in the next six months.

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