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(0:00:10) - Building Customer-Centric Data Solutions
Nico Acosta shares his experience at Twilio, focusing on customer centric experiences and data to improve self-service and enable complex deployment.

(0:08:40) - Building a Customer-Facing Analytics Platform
Nico Acosta shares insights on Twilio's Voice Insights tool, customer facing analytics, data and dashboards, and free/paid versions.

(0:19:02) - Analytics for SaaS Companies
Nico Acosta shares his experience with embedded analytics, exploring drawbacks and implications for product design and engineering.

(0:33:48) - Building Customer-Facing Analytics With Propel's API
Nico Acosta shares how Propel's first customer, Courier, used a hackathon and customer-facing design to quickly collect and transform data, unlocking insights.

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