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Launching Today: The official Propel Grafana plugin

Power your Grafana dashboards via the Propel data platform


Photo: Propel

We’re delighted to announce official support for Grafana. Developers can now use their existing Grafana toolset to visualize data powered by Propel’s powerful data-serving engine. Our official Grafana plugin is now available via the Grafana plugin marketplace.

Grafana dashboard visualizing sample sales data
A screenshot showing an example Grafana dashboard visualizing sample sales data for a fictional company called Propelify.

Grafana is a popular open-source software platform that allows users to visualize and analyze data using customizable dashboards, alerts, and panels. It supports a wide range of data sources including databases, cloud services, and IoT devices, and provides a variety of visualization options such as graphs, tables, and maps. Grafana is designed to be flexible and extensible, with a large community of developers who contribute plugins and integrations to add additional functionality to the platform.

You can create a free account for Grafana’s cloud offering here.

Our Grafana plugin makes adding internal observability to your Propel data super easy. While Propel primarily powers customer-facing use cases, internal observability gives you peace of mind when operating your customer-facing products. Once installed, the plugin will allow dashboard panel queries within Grafana to be defined with a Propel Grafana data source. Once selected, the data source will list out metrics defined in your Propel install. You can further refine your dashboard visualizations by adding filters and leveraging the powerful Grafana visualization features to drive understanding of your metrics.

Grafana user interface showing a Metric
A screenshot of the Grafana user interface showing a Metric, Query type, and a Filter being applied.

For more information on the Grafana plugin, visit our documentation page or the readme on the plugin itself. For more information about Grafana, visit their website and documentation.

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