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May 2023 Product Updates

Latest features: Usage Metering for ChatGPT-Powered LLM Apps and we are now SOC 2 Type II Compliant

May Newsletter 2023

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Hi there!

At Propel, we believe that analytics should be a fundamental part of every product experience, especially when it comes to GPT-powered apps. LLMs consume expensive tokens, so tracking their usage is essential to the product experience. There is a tradeoff to consider between token usage, latency, and user experience. The best GPT-powered products will be the ones that master the track-tune-iterate cycle.

If you are building GPT-powered apps, we would love to chat and hear your feedback on what we’re working on to track usage and expose it through an API for LLM apps. Please reply to this email or book time with us!

What’s new?

We’ve been shipping and shipping! Here are some of the latest features.

📏 Usage Metering for ChatGPT-Powered LLM Apps: Now, you can easily add usage metering to your GPT-powered products with five lines of code. Quickly implement functionality to enforce limits, detect abuse, act on user feedback, visualize usage insights, and get to market faster. For more details, read the blog post.

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🛡️ SOC 2 Type II: ✨✨ We are SOC-2 Type II compliant!!! HOO-YAH! 💪🏽💪🏽 Read the blog post.

Lastly, check out all the improvements and fixes in our changelog.

The latest posts and episodes

From Propel

The Metrics Developers Need to Track with the ChatGPT API
— Nico Acosta, CEO & Co-founder at Propel

Learn the key metrics LLM app developers need to track when building with the ChatGPT API to optimize the user experience, latency, and token cost tradeoff. Discover how powerful analytics tools can help you make informed decisions. Read the blog post.

How to reduce Snowflake costs: A five-point checklist
— Nico Acosta, CEO & Co-founder at Propel

Some customers have reduced their Snowflake bill by over 50% with this checklist. Read the blog post.

ChatGPT Powered Apps Need to Track Usage
— Dave Ganly, Head of Product at Propel, and Tyler Wells, Co-founder at Propel

In this episode, Tyler and Dave talk about the explosion of Generative AI apps and some interesting trends emerging, as apps now need to track usage and build it as part of their product experience. Dave has been spending a lot of time with the developers at the forefront of building on top of the new APIs: ChatGPT, Bard, Anthropic, and others.

Check it out, give it a listen, and let us know what you think! Subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Deployment Notes: How we document changes to production
— Mark Roberts, Co-founder at Propel

Check out how we use deployment notes to communicate changes internally, improve customer communication, and aid in incident response. Read the blog post.

Who is responsible for data quality?
— Nico Acosta, CEO & Co-founder at Propel

Frictionless giving and the creation of with Kyle Woumn
— Tyler Wells, CTO & Co-founder at Propel

From the community

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