Architecting the Future of Data Analytics: Conversational AI and Transformative Technologies with Sergio Leone

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Sergio Leone⁠ returns to our podcast, bringing with him a revolution that's reshaping how we interact with data analytics. Imagine transforming intricate data queries into simple English dialogue and then watching as personalized visualizations appear before your eyes. That's the power of Sergio's latest endeavor, where he marries ⁠Retrieval Augmented Generation⁠ with ⁠GraphQL⁠, creating a conversational assistant that's both intelligent and intuitive. We tackle the complexities of conversational AI, discussing how to address the challenges of token economy and relevance in large language models like ⁠GPT-4⁠. Join us as we reveal the inner workings of this system and how it's set to break barriers across various industries.

Diving into the technical realm, the episode zooms in on the wonders of ⁠monorepo⁠ architecture and how it fosters collaboration in open-source projects. I share my insights on tooling up with ⁠Turbo repo⁠ and ⁠Yarn⁠ workspaces and how we're crafting a developer-friendly environment that spurs innovation. We also touch on the magic behind function calls, which empowers AIs to shoulder tasks like data analysis and decision-making. It's not just about building technology; it's about building it right, making it robust and versatile for creators and users alike.

Wrapping up the episode, we explore how this technology isn't just for show — it has tangible benefits in the real world. We delve into the practical application of vector stores in production environments, giving you a glimpse into how these systems enhance performance and customer results. Sergio offers his firsthand experience, affirming the impact of choosing the right data storage solutions. Each chapter of this episode is a step further into the future of AI and data analytics, and you're invited to journey with us as we push the boundaries of what's possible.

RAG/GraphQL Code from Sergio: https://github.com/cbnsndwch/propeldata-rag-cli

Propel GraphQL: https://www.propeldata.com/docs/api/about-the-graphql-api

ChatHQ: https://www.chathq.io/

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