Beyond Dashboards: Crafting Immersive Data-Driven User Experiences

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Episode Description

In this episode, I'm thrilled to sit down with ⁠David Krevitt⁠, a name synonymous with transforming data into actionable insights. David is the brain behind the fascinating new endeavor, ⁠CacheWorthy⁠, a platform dedicated to helping businesses leverage data more effectively and efficiently. With a rich background in data analytics and a passion for making complex concepts accessible, David is here to share his journey, insights, and the vision behind CacheWorthy.

We take a trip down the rabbit hole of ⁠Vertical-Specific Data Apps⁠. David shares his insights on what they are and how he's built them in the past, channeling his experience from his time at Blackrock.

Conversation highlights:

  • Building Data Communities and Experiences
  • Value and Analytics in Communication Products
  • Vertical Data Apps and Customer Utility
  • Selling Templates for Digital Agencies
  • User Expectations and Vertical Data Apps
  • Using Data to Drive Product Messaging

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