Chad Sanderson - The Future of Data Products

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Excited to share our latest episode of the Data Chaos Podcast, featuring none other than the visionary CEO of ⁠Gable.ai⁠, ⁠Chad Sanderson⁠! 🌟

🎙️ Dive into Chad's incredible journey from a Southeast Asia-based journalist to a leading figure in the realm of data analytics. He's reshaping how we approach data, transforming it from a mere support function into a core revenue driver. 💼💡

In this enlightening conversation, Chad pulls back the curtain on the evolution of data analytics, the modernization of data infrastructures, and the fascinating insights from his upcoming work "Data Contracts". 📊✍️

🔑 Key discussions include:
- The metamorphosis of data teams into strategic powerhouses 📈
- The creation of innovative data products that fuel business growth 🛠️
- The vital symbiosis between data and software engineering for future-forward architectures 🤖
- The critical importance of feedback loops in driving product and revenue enhancements 🔄

Chad's story is a testament to the transformative power of data when wielded with expertise. Tune in to gain invaluable insights and learn how data mastery can revitalize your business strategy. 🌐📈

Don't miss this episode - perfect for data enthusiasts, business strategists, and anyone curious about the intersection of data, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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