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Episode Description

Welcome to today's podcast episode, where we unlock the potential of technology with the founders of ⁠Thoughtforma⁠, ⁠Jason⁠ and ⁠Gareth⁠ Edge. These brothers in tech have a wealth of knowledge to share, from their personal journeys in the tech field to the conception and execution of their innovative platform, Thoughtforma. We also delve into their passion for music and its intersection with technology and discuss the future of AWS and serverless architecture. So let's get started!

Here are the top five key points we will cover:

- The conception of Thoughtforma: Learn about the struggles and challenges that led to the creation of Thoughtforma, a platform designed to bring innovative ideas to life through digital applications.

- The intersection of music and technology: Discover how Jason and Gareth's love for music intersects with their tech journeys and how it influences their approach to technology.

- AWS and the future of serverless architecture.

- Thoughtforma's relationship with ⁠Nobody Studios⁠: The Edge brothers share how they used Thoughtforma to build and help launch ⁠Ovationz⁠, a marketplace for event planners to find virtual event talent and the intricate workflow processes put in place.

- The importance of good data management: We'll discuss why it's critical to have effective data management practices, the risks of excessive data collection, and how Thoughtforma bakes good data practices into its platform.

Show Notes

(0:00:11) - Thoughtforma
Co-founders Jason and Gareth discuss their tech backgrounds and how Thoughtforma was formed to help people bring ideas to life.

(0:10:54) - Exploring Music and Technology
Jason and Gareth discuss their tech and music backgrounds, top three albums, and how Jason's algorithmic composition experience has aided his computing career.

(0:19:29) - AWS and Future Serverless Architecture
Thoughtforma uses serverless architecture to create a platform for no-code projects, increasing scalability, security, and intelligent solutions.

(0:31:53) - Thoughtformer
Thoughtforma is used to export applications and run them on AWS, generating code for others to use, as seen with Ovation's two-sided marketplace.

(0:37:41) - Launch External Program and MVP Bootcamp
Thoughtforma's MVP Bootcamp enables developers to build and launch applications, with 25 participants showcasing outcomes on June 19th.

(0:45:29) - Data Management and Future Goals
Jason and Gareth discuss data collection, risks, bridging data and insights, mismanaging data, and Thoughtforma's no-code platform.

(0:55:05) - Exploring Future Tech and Exciting Possibilities
Jason and Gareth discuss potential of speech, augmented reality, virtual reality, global build event, and Thoughtforma's success with data responsibility.

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